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The eastern Weinviertel is strongly influenced by the Pannonian climate, so warm and dry. Combined with so much loess and gravel, it is important to have clay as water reservoir. These conditions can be found in the most important vineyards of the estate.

The vinyard Kugelberg is a south facing hill, with airy soil of gravel in deep layers combined with loess and clay in the upper layers. Here, the loess provides fruit and peppery spice for the Grüner Veltliner growing here.

The adjoining Ried Schilling is an exposed hillside that slopes to the south. It is very hot there, which is particularly great for dense Grüner Veltliners, Pinot varieties and red varieties. The adjacent Plot forest provides cool nights, which delays the ripening of the grapes. As a result, the grapes can ripen long enough to develop a beautiful bouquet without being heavy and broad. This is supported by an earlier harvest. Different tongues of brown earth, loam and loess make the diversity of varieties possible and ensure their complex expression.
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