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Reserve 2015
Weinwurms most exotic ones are our pinots. This Weissburgunder Reserve (Pinot blanc) attracts with juicy pineapple, sweet lychee and a hint of banana with decent nut. Round and soft mouthfeeling, harmonic and friendly, but with power

STYLE Dense strawyellow. Aromas of fortune cookie, lychees and ground peanuts with a supple, bright, dryish light-to-medium body and an effortless, crisp lime leaf and galangal finish with silky, fruit tannins.

As complex as a Thai pasta dish, as spicy as roasted, light poultry and tender as lamb!

VINIFICATION When the Pinot Blancs grapes have reached their highest ripeness, they are strictly selected by hand-picking, Spontaneous fermentation in a small wooden barrel, resting long on the yeast and regular battonage emphasize its unadulterated fruit and give it creaminess. It was botteled in mid-September 2016, for Weinwurms perfect maturity!

TRAINING SYSTEM The medium high trellis training system and the high canopy provide the berries with optimal photrosynthesis and air circulation for real good berries. The cane pruning system leaves just one eye to shoot in spring. Additionally to the green harvest this brings top quality.

TERROIR In the extremely hot vineyard called Schilling the Pinot Blanc earns all its finesse. The soft hill facing south has different tongues of brown earth, loam and loess. this offers ideal conditions for fine fruit, vibrant herbs and an elegant acidity. All grapes growing here, have body at lively easiness, because the adjacent forest Plot makes the nights cool, providing the berries with vibrant elegance.

WEATHER 2015 To keep it short and simple, this vintage was fabulously best. Warm, sometimes a little too warm, dry, sometimes a little too dry, and temperatures like summer during the harvest in autumn, served best quality and beautiful quantity to us.

REGION: Lower Austria
QUALITY: Qualitätswein
DRINKING AGE: 2-8 years
TO SERVE AT: 10-12 °C
ALCOHOL: 13,5 vol%
ACIDITY: 4,4 g/L
2017 AWC Vienna >Weissburgunder Reserve 2015< - Silver
2017 Tastings Chicago (USA) >Weissburgunder Reserve 2015< - Silver
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