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Ried Schilling 2016
Herbs and fresh apple say "hello" to the nose, grassy nuances give a kick of freshness, the juicy body makes thirsty for more

STYLE Pretty pink is this rosé, with a nose full of red currant and raspberries, charmed by a fresh hint of herbs on the palate, medium bodied but fresh, the vibrant finish animates for the next sip.

Enjoy it pure or combine it to sorbets, fruity salads or fine fish.

VINIFICATION To harvest by the hand by the beginning of September and with small boxes are our guarantees for Weinwurms best quality combined with vibrant fruit. Gentle pressing with a pneumatic press and a maceration of 8 hours before fermentation in stainless steel tanks at 18° C bring fine body with elegant structure.

TRAINING SYSTEM The medium high trellis training system and the high canopy provide the berries with optimal photosynthesis and the best air circulation for real good berries. The cane pruning system leaves just one eye to shoot in spring. Additionally to the green harvest this brings a maximum of quality into our berries.

TERROIR In the extremly hot vineyard called Schilling, the Blauer Portugieser earns all its finesse. The soft hill facing south has different tongues of brown earth, loam and loess. This offers ideal conditions for fine fruit, vibrant herbs and an elegant acidity. All grapes growing here, have body at lively easiness, because the adjacent forrest Plot makes the nights cool, providing the berries with vibrant elegance.

WEATHER 2016 Bad beginning, happy end. Late frosts in April caused damage, but turned out to be a natural quality selection. This was an enormous advantage in this wet and warm summer, because we had healthy grapes. The heat came at harvest grapes. The heat came at harvest and the ripeness grew, as wet cold weather bursted in , so you can now look forward to Weinwurms best ripeness-acidity balance.
REGION: Lower Austria
QUALITY: Qualitätswein
DRINKING AGE: 1-5 years
TO SERVE AT: 10-12 °C
ALCOHOL: 13,0 vol%
ACIDITY: 5,5 g/L

2017 Landesweinprämierung Lower Austria >Weissburgunder Ried Schilling   2016< - Gold
2017 Landesweinprämierung Lower Austria >Weissburgunder Ried Schilling 2016< - Finalist
2017 SALON Österreich Wein >Weissburgunder Ried Schilling 2016< SALON Burgundersorten kräftig
2017 VVT (CZ) >Weissburgunder Ried   Schilling 2016< - Silver
2017 Grand Prix Vinex (CZ)   >Weissburgunder Ried Schilling 2015< - Gold
2016/2017 VINARIA Weinguide   >Weissburgunder Ried Schilling 2016< 4 stars
2014/2015 VINARIA Weinguide >Pinot   Blanc Selection 2013< 4 stars
2013 Weinparade Poysdorf >Pinot Blanc   Selection 2012< Gold
2012 Weinparade Poysdorf >Pinot Blanc   Selection 2011< Bacchuspokal Winner
2009 SALON Österreich Wein >Pinot   Blanc Selection 2008< SALON Burgundersorten kräftig   

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