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Weissburgunder Ried Schilling - Salon 2017

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Weinwurm's highest quality usually ends up in the highest awards. That is why Salon Austrian Wine is not a coincidence at Weinwurm's. Since 2006, our wines are regularly, almost every year, among the 270 best of Austria. This time the Weissburgunder Ried Schilling 2016 passed the toughest wine rating. Weinwurm's largest variety is also valid for the category "Burgundersorten body", because the connoisseur does not live by the Grüner Veltliner alone.

Weißburgunder Ried Schilling 2016 - one of the Best in Lower Austria

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Tags: WeissburgunderRiedSchillingPinotBlanc
Weinwurm's largest varietal variety is more than just many varieties. Weinwurm's largest varietal variety is also the highest quality in all varieties. The Weißburgunder (Pinot blanc) from the Ried Schilling is the fourth best in Lower Austria. The Lower Austrian wine tasting at the Krems wine fair has decided this. Pinots are traditionally the second most important varieties after the Grüner Veltliner in the Weinviertel. And Weinwurm's pinots are in the same quality and finesse as the Veltliners. Because Weinwurm's largest varietal variety is quality for all varieties.

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