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The essential is invisible
to the eyes,
but becomes an experience with
every sip of our wines!
Stimmungsfoto Lisa und Georg Weinwurm im Innenhof
Foto Innenhof
Foto Kater Simon

The family winery WEINWURM is located in the north-eastern part of the Weinviertel, a region influenced by Pannonian climate. Wine maker Georg Weinwurm runs the winery in third generation, energetically supported by ambitious family members and his wife Lisa.
The vineyards are stocked with various grape varieties in red and white, great attention is paid to even rare varieties.

We cultivate our wines in accordance with nature and in consideration of the terroir in order to reflect the top quality of the Weinviertel in our wines.
In the 1950s, Georg´s grandfather Anton Weinwurm planted his first vineyard with Gruner Veltliner, which soon turned out to be Blauer Zweigelt. He laid the foundation for the variety of red varieties for which the winery is known today. The WEINWURMs see this as a lucky hit and named the wine from this vineyard Glücksmoment - lucky moment.
Meanwhile 28 hectares are cultivated, which are planted with Welschriesling, Grüner Veltliner, Chardonnay, Weissburgunder, Muskat Ottonel, Roter Muskateller, Rivaner, Blauer Zweigelt, Blauer Portugieser, Merlot and Syrah.
Familienfoto Familie Weinwurm 2019

Wines with character and personality,
just like the winegrowing family
The character of our family is also reflected in our wines. So you can find many different, accessible wines with a lot of charm in our assortment. Our work at the winery is teamwork - respect, trust and pleasure are the cornerstones. We are convinced that this is the best breeding ground to pass on old knowledge over generations and to continuously revive it with new ideas and impulses.
Foto Georg Weinwurm mit Weinglas im Tanklager

Lively, powerful and charming would be the description if he were a wine.
During his apprenticeship, Georg travelled extensively, but remained deeply rooted in the Weinviertel and the family business. The months with Andrew Peace in Australia and his experience with renowned Austrian winemakers are the foundation for Georg's work today. His wines are an expression of quality and joie de vivre. He is always striving to create something special. Georg lets the terroir speak for itself - the best Weinviertel soil. He has long since found his very own style - his wine is not just a drink, but a living cultural asset, far away from monotonous mass products.
Foto Lisa Weinwurm mit Weinglas

Lisa is the glue that holds it all together. She manages the family, sales, marketing and runs the business together with husband Georg. She is available for everyone and always has an open ear. She has been closely connected with nature since her early childhood. Through her international business and marketing studies she was able to gain valuable experience abroad. Back in Austria she lives her life's dream as a winemaker. The winery and the vineyards are her place of strength.
Foto Hannah Weinwurm

The whirlwind of the family is always in action - whether in the cellar, in the vineyard or at the cellar-door-sale, Hannah is always full of drive and verve. Whenever she is allowed to use rubber boots and the water hose, she is happy. White grape juice is Hannah's favourite. Thanks to her talent for persuasion, many happy customers have recently been going home with an extra box of it.
Foto Paul Weinwurm

Weinwurm's youngest offspring Paul is the sunshine and bright sparkle of the family. Always active and curious, he is present live at the winery and in the vineyards.
Foto Hermine Weinwurm

Honour to whom honour is due. Hermine, the senior lady, with her great experience and untiring dedication, is the mistress of the vineyards and coordinates their cultivation and care. Once a week she makes Vienna unsafe to sell our wines at the farmers' market.
Foto Helmut Weinwurm

Senior cellar master Helmut represents the testing centre in our own house. His opinion is and remains important to us; after all, he is the one at the winery who has the most experience.
Helping hands

Many helping hands contribute to the success of our family business. Sandra not only runs the office, the cellar shop she also always welcomes our customers with her smile. Ian, our vineyard superman, loves working outdoors and on the tractor. Helping with the cellar work creates a lovely change. Slavek was originally employed in the vineyard as a support. He then discovered his love for sales. There he now brings in his international experience thanks to several years abroad.  
Foto Mitarbeiterin Sandra
Foto Mitarbeiter Ian
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